Putting The Customer First
Putting The Customer First
Maritime Agencies, LLC. Call Us: (901) 864-6141
Maritime Agencies, LLC.Call Us: (901) 864-6141

Ocean & Air Freight Services

Maritime Agencies is your best choice when it comes to Ocean Freight services, offering an extensive list of services including Full Container Load, Less Than Container Load, and On Deck Cargo, worldwide. Using our immense network of Ocean Carriers and Consolidators, we can guarantee you the highest quality assurance, the fastest transit times, and the lowest prices available.

Documentation Services


Maritime Agencies, LLC. is uniquely quallified to advise you or your company concerning the required documentation needed for shipping your products to International destinations. Our may years of Industry experience, as well as our ability to understand the underlying subtleties and nuances, enable us to assist correctly preparing your documents. Also, by cooperating closely with our network of overseas agents, we are also able to expedite customs clearance and release of your customers' shipments.


Upon specific request, we can prepare the following documents for you or your company:


  • Shippers Export Declaration: We will process your export declaration as required by U.S. Customs for shipments exceeding $2,500.00 in value. $50.00 Processing Fee.
  • Commercial Invoice & Packing List: Maritime Agenciess, LLC. can prepare your commercial invoice and packing list to adhere to the requirements of both the U.S. and Destination Country. Price to be determined by the size of the shipment and job parameters.
  • Certificate of Origin: When required, we can provide this document to confirm that the origin of the goods is The United States. This assures that your overseas client will recieve any benefits that are due because of existing trade agreements between the USA and the Consignee's destination country. We will include our local chamber of commerce stamp, as well as a Notary public seal. Cost for Preparation and Handling: $85.00.
  • Letter of Credit & Sight Draft: Our experience and professionally trained staff will process these documents in compliance with the "Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit" as set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce. For you, our customer, this means efficent processing of documents without any discrepacies, and prompt receipt of payment at your bank. Estimated Fee: $175.00, plus aditional costs.
  • Legalization: When required, we will coordinate required country and chamber stamps with the destination country's embassy located in Wahington, D.C., Houston, or New Orleans. This further assures adherence to all requirements, and expediated customs clearance and delivery to your client. Fees depend on service requirements at the time of shipment.
  • Carnet: Available to approximately 86 Countries for commercial samples and professional equipment used as tools of trade, which are intended for International usage and return to the USA. Upon reques, our staff will determine quallification of goods, and if availible the country or countries in which you will be shipping. The benefits includeduty free status at destination foreign country, as well as Tax Free Import Status of products returning to the USA. (Maimum one year) Price to be quote at time of service.




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