Putting The Customer First
Putting The Customer First
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Premium Insurance Coverage

Maritime Agencies understands the importance of Insurance when it comes to shipping International Freight. We provide comprehensive Insurance for all Marine, Air, Rail, or Intermodal Freight Shipments and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, All-Risk Insurance to meet their needs. Although the term “Marine Cargo Insurance” is sometimes used, Maritime Agencies actually includes cover for the land transit commencing from the moment the goods leave storage up until they arrive at the final warehouse. We also offer Warehouse Insurance if your company requires Warehouse Services.


Exporters and Export Partners will find trying to recover losses from Carriers to be very difficult and time consuming, especially without Insurance. Even if you are able to prove that the carrier is at fault, they are only liable for $9.07 per pound on Air Freight shipments and $500 per Ocean Freight shipping unit. The best way for you to protect both your financial interests and cargo is with "All-Risk" Insurance Coverage.


All commodities on both Air and Ocean Transport are covered at very competitive rates. In the rare instance that a claim is needed, our experienced staff will assure that your claim is filled promptly for immediate payment.

Marine, Air, Rail, & Intermodal Cargo Insurance Disclaimers & Coverage

Insurance Coverage Disclaimer

For account of whom it may concern goods covered:

To cover on lawful goods and/or merchandise of every description (under and/or on deck) but consisting principally of approved general merchandise consigned and/or shipped by/to the Assured or by/to others for the Assured's Account or control or in which the assured may have an interest but excluding shipments sold on F.O.B., F.A.S., C.&.F., or similar terms whereby the Assured is not obliged to furnish Marine, Air, Rail, or Intermodal Freight Insurance, and excluding shipments purchased on terms which include Insurance To Destination;

Also, to cover all shipments for the Account of others on which the Assured may receive instructions to Insure, such instructions being given in writing prior to Time of Departure and prior to any known Loss or Reported Accident.

Attachment and Limit of Liability:

To attach and cover for 100% interest on goods and/or merchandise of every description shipped on and after April 1, 1993.



What Does This Policy Cover?


Limits: $2,000,000.00 by any one Vessel, Aircraft Conveyance or Location.

To include duty AND/OR taxes as and where applicable within the above limits.


Conditions: Against all risk of physical loss or damage to the subject matter Insured from any external cause, but always subject to the following:     

1. Institute Cargo Clause (A) = Full Cover - All Risk

Covers the goods against damage (partial or total) from physical and external cause including theft and catastrophe. This is the highest coverage on the policy and will protect the goods while in transit for any physical external cause damage.

2. Institute Cargo Clause (C) = Total loss only

As the name suggests, this policy covers against total loss/catastrophe of entire shipment. This policy does not cover the goods against partial loss.

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